Sunday, October 31, 2010

American History X (1998)

 Personal Rating- 7.2 out of 10                                  IMDB Rating- 8.6 out of 10

Genre- Crime, Drama                                               (Currently # 40 out of top 250)

Starring Actors- Edward Norton, Edward Furlong      Director- Tony Kaye

Plot Summary- A huge follower and founder of the neo-nazi revoluton, Derek Vinyard (actor, Edward Norton) has a lot on his shoulders. This all changes one night when a couple thugs try to break into his truck and he has to take action against them. Derek is sent to prison and while there he changes his lifestyle. When Derek is released from prison he finds it his main priority to exclude himself and his younger brother from everything that his life used to be.

Derek Vineyard
Personal Thought- This movie in its entirety is a complete dramatic masterpiece. This movie shows every important aspect that is vital to the story without imperfection. The movie is very analyzing on racism and how our country functions between all races. Do not let the fact that this movie is based around Neo Nazi-ism drive you away. This film makes no attempt to convert any view to being a skinhead. I myself before watching this film was a little weary on the main topic of the film but I assure you that both before and after I watched the film I have no association with Skinheads (just to make that all clear).

    I believe that a lot of people look at this movie and hold it in very high regard because of all the social and racial details in the film, but if you're just watching this movie for something to watch, and racism or illegal immigration isn't a big issue in your personal life, then you will just enjoy the movie for the storyline like I did, instead of analyzing each point made in the film to its furthest degree. So you could say that this is both a casual film and a very informative film for people who are trying to figure out the inner workings of Neo-Nazis and racism in America.

Memorable Quotes-

[Inside prison laundry]
Lamont: I'm the most dangerous man in this prison. You know why? 'Cause I control the underwear. 


  1. This was a great movie, very intense... Edward Norton is one of the great actors of his generation

  2. I remember this movie... Pretty powerful. And of course EdNo was legendary, as always.