Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Undead (2003)

Personal Rating- 4.5 out of 10                                     IMDB Rating- 5.6 out of 10

Genre- Action, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

Plot Summary- Meteorites start to fall from the sky in a small country town. These meteorites cause people to turn into zombies when they are struck by the meteorites themselves. Soon enough, everyone in this small town has turned into zombies except for a select few individuals who try to stick together and survive the zombie apocalypse along with random mysterious alien light beams showing up in their town.

Personal Opinion- I can honestly say that I have far more negative things to say about this movie than anything else. I had checked the rating on IMDB before I had chosen to watch it and didn't try to get my hopes up. I thought that I'd review a completely horrid movie for once just for a change of pace.

The producers label this movie as a "comedy horror" film. I can tell you this film has failed in both genres. The comic moments were few and far between, rarely even enough to cause a laugh in your head let alone aloud, and the fact that it was a comedy made the "horror" aspect of the film completely irrelevant because the viewer is never truly scared of anything because it is all completely expectable.

   Second of all, the soundtrack. Oh Jesus lord, the soundtrack. This has to be one of the most horrid collection of "mood setting music" I have ever heard. They even go about using the same melody six different times in the movie (its the first melody that is heard when you watch the trailer below). The music is so bad that it takes away from even the most dramatic of scenes and downplays them to the point where you stop caring what will happen next.

  Thirdly, there is too much conversation in this movie! there is so much unnecessary uncomprehensible (for the fact that the movie is Australia produced) bickering. Seriously there's a whole sub-plot that effects the characters in absolutely no way at all, and the plot does have potential but the writers of the movie chose to have the survivors sit around in a panic room for a good 15minutes of the movie and talk. Did I mention the horrible lighting as well as terrible camera angles?

   Quite possibly the only parts of this movie that were enjoyable at all were the fighting scenes. At times the special effects did seem a bit under budget (with the computer animation at least) but the gore was mostly effective in being awesome. Take into consideration the zombie fish scene which was one of the only true comedic scenes in the entire film, however that the rest of the movie is completely terrible.

Memorable Quotes-  N/A (seriously)


  1. Might check this movie out. For some reason this reminds me alot like resident evil, but im not sure why XD

  2. I've been wanting to see this but i always seem to find something better to watch. :D

  3. haha i saw the title and the picture and was like oh right on!! and then i saw what you said about it and i was like D: i need more movies to watch! my addiction cannot be fulfilled hahah